We do not allow content that is intended to deceive or mislead any of our users including. activities such as spamming, impersonation, and disinformation campaigns:

1. Spam

We don’t allow content where the main purpose is to directly or indirectly allude users to leave MPL app for another website. 

  • Video Spam: Content that is excessively posted, repetitive, or untargeted and does one or more of the following, promises viewers they’ll see something but instead directs them off site, gets clicks, views, or traffic off MPL app by promising viewers that they will make money fast, sends audiences to sites that spread malware, try to gather personal information, or other sites that have a negative impact and content with misleading show names which do not match the content;
  • Any direct monetary transfer between the users outside the MPL app;
  • Any direct or indirect transfers between users for the purpose of gaining any unfair or undue advantage on the MPL app via settlement with modes outside the MPL app;
  • Any non-monetary fake transfer (including gifts) between users for the purpose of gaining any unfair or undue advantage on the MPL app;
  • Using the title, thumbnails, description, or tags to trick users into believing the content is something it is not;
  • Manipulated Media: Content that has been technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users (beyond clips taken out of context) and may pose a serious risk;
  • Content that advances false claims related to the technical eligibility requirements for current political candidates and sitting elected government officials to serve in office;
  • Hurtful and unsolicited comments; 
  • Comments with links to counterfeit stores;
  • Operate multiple MPL accounts under false or fraudulent pretences, including coordinated attempts to manufacture inauthentic activity, distribute commercial spam, or otherwise coordinate a scaled violation of MPL policies.

2. Impersonation

We do not allow users to impersonate other individuals or organizations in order to deceive the public. When we confirm reports of impersonation, we remove the violating accounts. 

  • As another person or organization by using someone else’s name, biographical details, or profile picture in a misleading manner;
  • Using someone else’s real name, user name, image, brand, logo, or other personal information; 
  • Setting up a user account using the name and image of a person, and then pretending that person is posting content or comments.

Exception – We do allow exceptions for parody, commentary, or fan accounts, as long as the account does not mislead others with regard to its identity or purpose on MPL app.  Any such exception shall be at the sole discretion of MPL.

3. Misleading information

We do not permit misinformation that could cause harm to our community or the larger public. While we encourage our users to have respectful conversations about the subjects that matter to them, we remove misinformation that could cause harm to an individual’s health or wider public safety. We also remove content distributed by disinformation campaigns. 

  • Misinformation meant to incite fear, hate, or prejudice;
  • Misinformation that may cause harm to an individual’s health, such as misleading information about medical treatments;
  • Hoaxes, phishing attempts, or manipulated content meant to cause harm;
  • Content that misleads community members about elections or other civic processes.


We prohibit the trade, sale, promotion, and use of certain regulated goods, as well as the depiction or promotion of criminal activities. Some content may be removed if it relates to activities or goods that are illegal or regulated in the majority of the region or world, even if the activities or goods in question are legal in the jurisdiction of posting. Criminal activities include acts punishable by law, including theft, assault, human exploitation, and other harmful behaviour.

  • Promotion of criminal activities;
  • Content that promotes acts of physical harm, such as assaulting or kidnapping;
  • Content that risks the safety of others;
  • Content that promotes human exploitation or wildlife trafficking;
  • Content that offers the purchase, sale, or trade of unlawfully acquired goods;
  • Content that provides instructions on how to conduct criminal activities;
  • Depiction, trade, or promotion of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, or explosive weapons or instructions on process to manufacture those weapons;
  • Content that offers, sells, trades, or solicits firearms, accessories, ammunition, explosive weapons, or instructions on how to manufacture them;
  • Use or trade of drugs or other controlled substances;
  • Content that displays drugs, drug consumption, or encourages others to make, use, or trade drugs or other controlled substances;
  • Content that sells, offers, trades, or solicits, provides information on how to buy drugs or other controlled substances;
  • Content that violates any law for the time being in force

Exception – We may provide  exceptions to content that displays firearms or other types of weapons in the following scenarios: in a fictional setting, as part of a museum’s collection, carried by a police officer, in a military parade, or used in a safe and controlled environment such as a shooting range.  We may allow exceptions for content that provides value to the public, such as educational, scientific, artistic, and newsworthy content. Any such exception shall be at the sole discretion of MPL.


We do not permit anyone to exploit our platform to harm others, which includes schemes to defraud individuals or steal assets.

  • Content that promotes phishing;
  • Content that promotes any schemes;
  • Content that promotes fixed betting, get-rich-quick schemes, or any other types of scams;
  • Content relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling
  • Not adhering to commitments or fulfilling agreements made by or entered into by the users, including non payment of rewards to users as promised during using the MPL app while live streaming content.


Revealing or threatening to reveal personally identifiable information can cause serious emotional distress and lead to real-world harm.  If someone posts your personal information without your consent, please feel free to report a privacy breach complaint by providing your uniquely identifiable information such as image or voice, full name, financial information, contact information, other personally identifiable information.

  • Content that reveals or threatens to reveal personally identifiable information, including but not limited to residential address, private email address, private phone number, bank statement, social security number, or passport number;
  • Threats to reveal sexual imagery or non-consensual intimate imagery;
  • Use personal information gathered on app to have personal conversation with user on another app or any communication medium.


In addition to the content and behaviour outlined above, our policies prohibit activities that undermine the MPL service:

  • Do not hack the MPL app, or associated networks, or bypass its measures to restrict users’ access;
  • Do not distribute files that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other materials that are malicious or harmful;
  • Do not use automated scripts to collect information from MPL.
  • Do not post any content or indulge in communications with users to provide tips and encouraging ways to hack the MPL app or engage in any other activities that threaten or compromise the platform security of MPL app.


If you post or stream any content that encourages other users to violate our Terms of Service, the content may be removed, your account may be penalized, and in some cases your account may be terminated.


Links that send users to websites featuring content that violates our Community Guidelines are not allowed on MPL. Don’t post links in your content on MPL if they fit any of the descriptions noted below.

  • Links to pornography;
  • Links to websites or apps that install malware;
  • Links to websites or apps phishing for a user’s login credentials, financial information, etc.
  • Links to websites that seek to raise funds or recruit for terrorist organizations;
  • Links to sites containing Child Sexual Abuse Imagery (CSAI).


If you see something that you think may violate our Community Guidelines, please help us by reporting the same on our reporting option available on the users’ profile. We will review these reports internally and will work as quickly and as efficiently as possible to rsemove content that does not meet our Community Guidelines, or take actions appropriate for such content after review. Please help us by providing as much information as possible, such as links, usernames, and descriptions of the content, so we can find and review it effectively. 

We take genuine intellectual property infringement complaints very seriously. If you come across any content that you feel may be infringing any intellectual property, please report to us at the earliest and we shall review such complaint as quickly as possible.  While doing so, we request you to provide us as much information as possible such as the reason why you feel the content infringes any intellectual property. 

We may work with law enforcement whenever necessary, including when we believe that there’s risk of physical harm or threat to public safety.

For more information, please read our terms and conditions (Terms of Use) available on the MPL App.

We would like to thank you for helping us as we strive to be one of the best and compliant communities.

The MPL Team