Terms & Conditions

Pool Champs League
These Terms and Conditions are applicable for the Event (as defined below) that is organised and hosted by Galactus Funware Technology Private Limited also known as “MPL” (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “MPL”) whereby Participants (as defined below) can participate in accordance with the Terms and Conditions contained here in below.
I. Definitions – All the defined and captioned terms in this Agreement shall have the meaning as assigned to them here below, unless defined elsewhere in the Agreement:
“A. Disqualification”: refers to any incident described in Section IV , on the occurrence of which a Participant shall be deemed ineligible and/or disqualified.
“B. Eligibility”: refers to any incident described in Section III, on the occurrence of which a Participant shall be deemed eligible and/or qualified.
“C. Event ”: online gaming and esports league also known as “Pool Champs League” for players across India.
“D. Game(s)”: refers to the game(s) in which the Participants are going to compete against, in the Event.
“E. Game Format ”: for the purpose of this Event shall be in the format of a Single Elimination Knockout.
“F. Identification Proofs ”: Identification Proofs include any government ID proof.
“G.Intellectual Property Rights ”: includes all rights in and in relation to any patents, patent applications, know-how, information, data points, trademarks, trade mark applications, trade names, designs, copyrights, domain names or other similar intellectual, industrial or commercial rights, and all registrations, extensions and renewals thereof in any part of the world.
“H. Participant ”: The Event is open for all individuals who are residents of India, above the age of 18 years, qualified to participate in the Event by virtue of satisfying the criteria laid down by MPL, applying for participation by furnishing Identification Proof(s) and confirmation of acceptance of such application for participation.
“I. Registration Process ”: refers to a set of rules and guidelines as laid down in Section VI, which will have to be mandatorily completed by a Participant before taking part in the Event.
“J .Reward ”: refers to the recognition of winning at the end of an Event as set out in Section VIII.
II. Aims & Objective – Weekly Esports Arena is India’s first online competitive online gaming and esports league for players wherein players across India compete in the Games. Weekly Esports Arena aims at building India’s esports ecosystem, identifying and nurturing top esports talent in India.
II. Eligibility Criterias –
A. The Event is open for participation to individuals above the age of 18 years.
B. For purposes of verification of your eligibility, you shall be required to produce any government ID card.
C. The Event to be organised, participation in it and associated activities will be governed by the additional terms and conditions including the Community Guidelines of MPL available at https://about.mpl.live/terms/
D. MPL may, at its sole discretion, revise/modify/change the grounds for Eligibility Criterias at any time, without notice to the Participant.
III .Grounds for Disqualification –
A. Any Participant adopting any unfair means either during the course of the Event or prior to or after the Event shall be immediately disqualified.
B. A disqualified participant shall be penalised as decided by MPL and the decision in such case shall be final and binding.
C. Each participant may participate in the competition by using only one user account. Any Participant found using multiple user accounts, will be disqualified immediately.
D. An account created by using false information or on behalf of any person other than the participant shall be permanently suspended and the participant shall be permanently blacklisted from taking part in the competition .
E. MPL may, at its sole discretion, revise/modify/change the grounds for Disqualification at any time at its discretion, without notice to the Participant.
F. Each participant may participate in the competition by using only one device. Any Participant found using multiple devices or changing the devices during the tournament, will be disqualified immediately.
IV .Registration Process – The registrations for Esports Tournament are open to all. Anybody can register for the weekly Knockout tournament. No participation fees will be required to be paid by the Participant.
V . Internet Connectivity – In order to participate in the Event, the Participants will need a stable internet connection. It shall be the responsibility of the Participants to ensure that they have a stable internet connection for the Event. MPL shall, in no circumstances, be responsible for any disruption in internet connectivity or inability of the participant to finish the Game(s) as a result of poor internet connectivity or disconnection.
VI . Rewards –
a. Once the tournaments are over, the results shall be published on the app.
b. All decisions regarding the winners taken by MPL shall be final and binding and the participants hereby agree not to challenge/ dispute any such decision taken by MPL.
c. MPL shall attempt to reach out to the winners within 7 working days from the date of publication of the winners list at the phone number and e-mail address provided at the time of registration. A maximum of 3 attempts shall be made to reach out to each of the winners.
d. After MPL makes three unsuccessful attempts during which the winner cannot be contacted, the prize shall stand forfeited by MPL.
e. The participants hereby agree and consent that they shall not object that information such as name, score etc. available on our platform is communicated to influencers and/or agencies for marketing purposes in any media.
f. The winning participants can neither assign or transfer their prizes under any circumstances whatsoever.
g. Any prizes valuation INR 10,000 and above shall be subject to deduction of taxes as applicable. MPL shall deduct TDS before remitting this amount as per the applicable Income Tax Rules.
h. MPL may, at its sole discretion, revise/modify/change the prizes and rewards at any time, without notice to the Participants.
VII . Intellectual Property Rights –
Intellectual Property Rights developed or existing, as a result of MPL running this Event (including any reports) shall rest entirely with MPL. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as conferring upon a third party, or Participants any ownership or intellectual property rights in any intangible or tangible intellectual property developed during the Term and all such ownership and intellectual property rights shall remain vested in MPL, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
VIII. Confidentiality & Privacy-
A. By taking part in the Event, the Participant is deemed to have consented to MPL or its authorised agents, at MPL’s sole discretion, taking photographs or videos or voice recordings of the Participant and displaying the Participant’s name as well as voice and comments for purposes of advertising and trade without any further permissions being required from the respective Participant(s).
B. By taking part in the Event, each Participant also gives MPL irrevocable and informed consent to share information about the Participant for lawful purposes, at MPL’s sole discretion, without any further communication or permissions being required.
IX. General T&Cs Applicable
Apart from the General Terms & Conditions that are available on the website, the following T&Cs appended below are exclusive to this competition.
A. If the Participant’s account on MPL has been banned for any reason, MPL reserves sole discretion in allowing the Participant to create/reopen such an account for the purpose of the Event.
B. As a participant, you shall in no way use the account to solicit, advertise or transmit any commercial advertisements, including but not limited to junk emails, chain letters, messages etc to other participants.
C. The participant shall not use the account for any illegal purpose.
D. The participant cannot under any circumstances sell, transfer, gift, lease, sub-lease, rent, bequeath or transfer the account or any virtual item associated with the account to anyone.
E. The participant shall be responsible for use of credit card or any other payment instrument used.
F. These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India and incase of any dispute or any other matter arising in reference to the Registration shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Bengaluru, Karnataka only.
G. In case the participant qualifies to the national level, the said participant shall cooperate in any way that may be required by the MPL, its stream partners or agents to ensure smooth and uninterrupted streaming. In case of any failure on the participant to comply with this requirement, MPL reserves the right to disqualify the participant immediately.
H. The participants should play with one device through which they register and by playing with multiple devices either during the same tournament or during different tournaments. In case the players continue to use multiple devices, the players unequivocally and irrevocably consent MPL to disqualify them immediately and remove them from the leaderboard.