Rummy Fairplay :

MPL’s goal is to provide best gaming experience and fair gameplay for all. We use state of the art algorithms to ensure the same for each player.

Below we answer some questions that most players usually have around Rummy Fairplay. For more detailed answers, please visit our MPL Fairplay page. It can be found in the Help section in your wallets.

Please reach out to our customer support team, in case you have more queries.

Q. What do we consider as cheating in Rummy?

A. We define cheating, if any player(s) engage in the below activity:

  • Hacking in any form, including misuse of bugs or using third party tools to get an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Using multiple accounts or teaming up with players to raise scores or share critical information about the game to give themselves an unfair advantage.

Q. What are the actions MPL takes on these players who are found cheating while playing Rummy?

A. MPL takes the following action(s):

  • 1st Offence: banned from MPL for a day
  • 2nd Offence: banned from MPL for a week
  • 3rd Offence: banned from MPL permanently
  • A player can be permanently blocked if caught cheating in any game, promoting hacks or violating other terms of use at MPL’s discretion

Q. What happens when a player is banned?

A. A banned player will have following restrictions placed upon:

  • Will not be able to play games or withdraw cash in the banned period
  • Will lose the winnings from the games where cheating has been done
  • In case of a permanent block, any balances on your MPL Wallets will stand forfeited and MPL will not be liable to return or refund these amounts.

Q. What will be considered cheating while playing a Rummy game?

A. Rummy is an information sensitive game. It becomes unfair if two or more players are sharing their card information in order to increase their chances of winning and give themselves an unfair advantage over other players.

Some common forms of cheating that can happen (not exhaustive):

  • Passing of cards between two players, so that one player can reduce the score and move to declare faster
  • One player dropping, if other(s) has/ have good cards to reduce their overall loss
  • Losing by higher points, to give other player more points to win the game

Q. What is considered cheating in Rummy Contest Leaderboards?

A. It is deemed as cheating, if a player (or a group of players) engages in any of the following activity:

  • Creating multiple accounts and playing together to get higher rank in leaderboards
  • Playing with friends or family to increase the score & hence rank in leaderboards
  • Players increasing the gameplay count by not properly playing game. It can be by following means (not exhaustive)
    • invalid declaration
    • exiting the match without playing
    • dropping just to increase gameplay count etc.

Please note, dropping while playing Rummy is allowed. But it’s misuse to increase the score is prohibited. Our algorithms are trained to find out players who are increasing their score via such unfair means.

Q. What are the actions taken against players who are found cheating in Rummy Contest Leaderboards?

A. If found cheating in the leaderboard, that player (or groups of players) is removed from the leaderboard. If there is a repeated offense, MPL might also, at its discretion, decide to ban the player(s) account(s) depending on the severity of the offense.