MPL F2P Fair Play Policy

What is Cheating?

  • Interfering, inhibiting or preventing other players from accessing or using MPL services in any way
  • Using cheats, exploits, hacks, bots, “mods” or third-party software to gain an unfair advantage, perceived or actual, over other players, or modifying or interfering with the MPL services
  • Using multiple accounts or otherwise collaborating with other users to participate in any competition
  • Colluding with any other individual(s), engaging in any type of syndicate play, or engaging in intentionally poor play to achieve competitive advantage
  • Using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your personal information or location
  • Using the MPL services in any way that is contrary to our Terms of Service.

Disruptive Behaviour

MPL does not permit usage of profane, vulgar or abusive language in chat or usernames or otherwise.  Here are a few examples of what we consider inappropriate:

  • General misconduct in chat
  • Hate speech, racism and other discriminatory language
  • Threats or harassment
  • Excessive swearing
  • Bullying

Consequences of Misconduct

Offence 1 – Banned from MPL for 1 day

Offence 2 – Banned from MPL for 7 days

Offence 3 – Banned permanently from MPL

You will not be able to play games or access your account during your period of suspension. You will lose / forfeit any rewards from the games in which cheating took place. In case of a permanent ban, any MPL Gems or MPL Goods shall also stand forfeited. All cases are evaluated on an individual basis and MPL reserves the right to immediately and permanently ban any user irrespective of the contents of this policy.

To ensure a fun, safe, and fair playing environment for everyone, this Fair Play Policy outlines the behaviours and actions which we define as misconduct. The Policy is comprehensive but not exhaustive, meaning that we reserve the right to take action in respect of matters not listed here.

Account Trading & Sharing

Selling, buying, or sharing game accounts is not condoned by MPL. Such practices may expose your personal and private information. We cannot guarantee the security of any account that has been passed from one player to another. Similarly, creating multiple accounts is also not condoned by MPL. We reserve the right to impose sanctions on any account that has been transferred between players.


Users who close the app or are disconnected before finishing a game for any reason, including due to poor internet connectivity, shall not be entitled to receive a refund. In case of such an event, the outcome of the game shall be determined based on the last recorded score available with MPL. Please check your internet connection before you start playing. MPL is not responsible for internet connections of individual players. We strongly recommend testing your internet connection before commencing any competition or tournament. 

Game Fraud Detection

MPL uses a mix of automated and manual review systems to identify fraudulent behavior in games.