Flat 40% Rake Back offer | July 24th , 18:00 – 23:59

  • Play more on Rs.250 Deals Table to earn more. 
  • Increase your net profit by getting bigger rakeback
OfferRake back
Play at least 5 Games15% Rakeback
Play at least 7 Games40% Rakeback

Example : 

TableNo of Games played during offer periodAmount Paid/ InvestedRake deducted while playingRakeback credited to MPL wallet
Rs.2506Rs.1500Rs.195 (13%)Rs.29.25
Rs.25010Rs.2500Rs.325 (13%)Rs.130

What is Rakeback? 

Rake is the platform fee that is deducted from the pot for each game that you play on MPL Rummy. 

“Rakeback” is when a portion of your rake is refunded back to you.

Under Rake back offer if you meet the expected criteria then upto 40% of this platform fee/ Rake will be credited back to your MPL Wallet by July 26th, 2021, 23:59