Flat 15% Rakeback | Exclusive offer for selected users

Get assured Rakeback on your investment 

Invest a minimum of Rs.9 Lakhs between Aug 26th – Aug 31st to avail of the offer

Earn a minimum of Rs.13,500 or more depending on your investment and rake generated.

Invest more and earn more 

Rake is the platform fee that is deducted from the amount that a user pays to play a game. This rake collected from each user for a game is deducted from the final pot for that game. Rake (Platform Fee) varies from table to table. 

“Rakeback” is when a portion of the user’s rake is refunded back to the user.

If you are playing on an Rs.10,000 Deals heads-up table, you will be charged a rake (platform fee) of 1000. This same amount is deducted from your opponent. Hence the winner of this game will get Rs.18,000. 

InvestmentRakeback generatedAmount earned (15% Rakeback)
9 lakhs90,00013,500
15 lakhs1.5 lakhs22,500

Rakeback is a way to make profit on the platform. Play skillfully and earn extra money on top of the winnings that you get when you win a game.