Diwali Dhamaka Mega Contest Final Ranking (19th, November 2020 – 25th, November 2020)

The Final Ranking for Rummy Diwali Dhamaka MEGA contest that ran from 12:00:00 AM, 19th November 2020 till 11:59:59PM , 25th November 2020 is displayed in the following tables. 

Congratulations to all the winners! 

Our team will contact the winners within 7 working days. 

The prizes shall be sent to the winners within a span of thirty days.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the decision of MPL in any dispute regarding winnings * disbursement of prizes shall be final and binding.

Thank you for participating.

1StarWar14116350BMW G310r + iPhone 11 + iPad Air
277*****146105800BMW G310r + iPhone 11
3Vishaka81150BMW G310r
4Karan77050Yamaha R15 + iPhone 11
5ArPiI69350Yamaha R15 + iPhone 11
1Lavish Tomar247900BMW G310r + iPhone 11
2SHIVANK239350Yamaha R15 + iPhone 11
3Morning196800Yamaha R15
4🦇🅼🅰︎🅻︎🅸︎🅺︎👆166900Yamaha R15
5Nature165500Yamaha R15
6Falguni137650iPhone 12
7Ravi lumar132000iPhone 12
8Satyam kumar127000iPhone 12
9Last stage119450iPhone 12
10Dilip gdv3117500iPhone 12
11Hiralal105100iPad Air
12Sb96250iPad Air
13Bin95300iPad Air
14Jagadeesha88200iPad Air
15SwamyDS81505iPad Air
1Baby479000BMW G310r
2KING445800Yamaha R15
3j’aLLad🖤429050iPhone 12
499******56364900iPhone 12
570*****941353400iPhone 12
6Gulaab332900iPad Air
7Lovely296300iPad Air
8Jai ma Durga289000iPad Air
987*****783286400iPad Air
10R s224350iPad Air
11Pagol das188807Bose Speakers
12PR137200Bose Speakers
13Kau125950Bose Speakers
14Raju124205Bose Speakers
15Gulabo sitabo121400Bose Speakers
16Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr121030Bose Speakers
17India119620Bose Speakers
18Nice 22116850Bose Speakers
1970*****806115675Bose Speakers
20DURYADHAN109211Bose Speakers
21AyushSrivastava107458Zook Party Speakers
22Akhiruj Zaman107100Zook Party Speakers
2398*****541106365Zook Party Speakers
2498*****476104930Zook Party Speakers
25J i store104510Zook Party Speakers
26Fortune104400Zook Party Speakers
27Ffvfgndh103984Zook Party Speakers
2897*****852103705Zook Party Speakers
2975*****404103425Zook Party Speakers
30Bhai bhai103281Zook Party Speakers
31SRK102690Zook Party Speakers
32DEMON KING102000Zook Party Speakers
33Mahesh101900Zook Party Speakers
34Khaleda101467Zook Party Speakers
35Sheikh Abdullah101272Zook Party Speakers
3670*****774100882Zook Party Speakers
37Shadat chor98490Zook Party Speakers
38Somer Ali98350Zook Party Speakers
39Ganesh ji97785Zook Party Speakers
4090*****48893030Zook Party Speakers
41Rkkk91070Zook Party Speakers
4299*****40191070Zook Party Speakers
4397*****73990370Zook Party Speakers
44M.90300Zook Party Speakers
45Nur89460Zook Party Speakers
4691*****20888830Zook Party Speakers
47Mr. A88600Zook Party Speakers
4863*****73388500Zook Party Speakers
4970*****31588200Zook Party Speakers
5094*****13388007Zook Party Speakers
1AFZAL PATEL463200Yamaha R15
2Šâñjőý437805iPhone 12
3DAHIYA400100iPad Air
4Luvsumit385000iPad Air
582*****007371400iPad Air
6DESI BOY330810Bose Speakers
7Amar Gadhavi309800Bose Speakers
882*****515278190Bose Speakers
9Anuj gujjar257074Bose Speakers
10Deva209400Bose Speakers
1191*****168195898JBL Headphones
12Sb_ DROP_ krte_hai191000JBL Headphones
1362*****143189129JBL Headphones
14Prasad Hatte185194JBL Headphones
151181490JBL Headphones
16jayesh n chauhan179400JBL Headphones
1790*****331178086JBL Headphones
18Šãňjôý175445JBL Headphones
19sayooj thomas173435JBL Headphones
2090*****277172968JBL Headphones
21Shubh171973Alexa Echo Dot
22Bad boy171101Alexa Echo Dot
23J..N..PARMAR169376Alexa Echo Dot
24N.K Sharma167825Alexa Echo Dot
25Sujit1904166884Alexa Echo Dot
26Sorry165484Alexa Echo Dot
27Riyaz Ahamad164255Alexa Echo Dot
28Sagar K maratha160838Alexa Echo Dot
29Jeni158985Alexa Echo Dot
30Sunnyarlee157112Alexa Echo Dot
31RAHUL(RD)155190Alexa Echo Dot
32Mohd Jahid153566Alexa Echo Dot
33Utpal153295Alexa Echo Dot
34Tejas M Gedekar152030Alexa Echo Dot
35Paras Jain dropper151643Alexa Echo Dot
36Nilam sj dropper151123Alexa Echo Dot
37Sandeep Kumar Gupt146490Alexa Echo Dot
38Ismart shanker143190Alexa Echo Dot
3998*****985142590Alexa Echo Dot
40Manesh ranwan142131Alexa Echo Dot
41priyanka98R R yadav140490Alexa Echo Dot
4279*****231139304Alexa Echo Dot
43🕊⃝︎❤️🅳єᴠɪʟ❤️⃝🕊139200Alexa Echo Dot
44LOVER BOY138950Alexa Echo Dot
45Lalit mohan singh138530Alexa Echo Dot
46Panauti136960Alexa Echo Dot
47I am king136490Alexa Echo Dot
48Mintu133007Alexa Echo Dot
49Bom Bom132315Alexa Echo Dot
50Aniket shibe AK47 ..131275Alexa Echo Dot
51Roop chandra yadav129065One Plus Power Bank
52Sachin thakur ji126400One Plus Power Bank
53Ram123760One Plus Power Bank
54cheating game119066One Plus Power Bank
55nice couple118910One Plus Power Bank
56Lucifer116361One Plus Power Bank
57GIRISH D115395One Plus Power Bank
58Shankar115038One Plus Power Bank
5984*****586114985One Plus Power Bank
60Anuj maurya 1113000One Plus Power Bank
6190*****997110635One Plus Power Bank
62Deepak singh109580One Plus Power Bank
63NKJ109550One Plus Power Bank
64Dileep kumar109232One Plus Power Bank
65Roshan kumar108600One Plus Power Bank
6696*****331108080One Plus Power Bank
6791*****602105790One Plus Power Bank
68*;;$())$% /104840One Plus Power Bank
69Asim Adhikary104185One Plus Power Bank
70ALI102658One Plus Power Bank
71Ujjipa101687One Plus Power Bank
72Sai101095One Plus Power Bank
73kushi100800One Plus Power Bank
74Deepak100520One Plus Power Bank
75Nj99285One Plus Power Bank
76Pathan99000One Plus Power Bank
77Bujji98721One Plus Power Bank
7897*****67797692One Plus Power Bank
79Sunil Patra97575One Plus Power Bank
80Rockky962195200One Plus Power Bank
81Muthu Dhanraj94285One Plus Power Bank
8298*****64991276One Plus Power Bank
83Manjeet Singh90860One Plus Power Bank
8484*****72689585One Plus Power Bank
85Ashish88706One Plus Power Bank
8699*****72788040One Plus Power Bank
8789*****42087600One Plus Power Bank
88***Inbian***bay***87312One Plus Power Bank
89J O K E R86758One Plus Power Bank
90W85239One Plus Power Bank
9170*****89184553One Plus Power Bank
92Mithlesh84455One Plus Power Bank
93Kishor soni84280One Plus Power Bank
94Shyamu84112One Plus Power Bank
95Joyce84087One Plus Power Bank
96Rahul84057One Plus Power Bank
97Tufan82768One Plus Power Bank
98Arjun mali82745One Plus Power Bank
99Kings81690One Plus Power Bank
100Rk80857One Plus Power Bank

———— MPL Diwali Contest Terms & Conditions ————

  1. Any user removed from any contest due to fairplay will not be eligible for the MEGA Contest Rewards.
  2. MPL reserves the sole right to decide any dispute and its decision in such cases is final and binding on the users.
  3. MPL shall attempt to reach out to the winners within 7 working days from the date of publication of the winners list at the phone number provided at the time of registration. A maximum of 3 attempts shall be made to reach out to each of the winners. After MPL makes three unsuccessful attempts during which the winner cannot be contacted, the prize shall stand forfeited by MPL.
  4. After the end of the Mega Contest and completion of the verification, the prizes shall be sent to the winners within a span of thirty days.
  5. In case of any doubt, the users can contact the organisers through the MPL Helpdesk available on the wallet screen of the MPL App.
  6. The prizes displayed on various platforms for promotion are indicative only and the exact prizes may vary subject to availability of the product.
  7. TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), Road Tax, Motor Insurance & Premiums thereof  will be deducted against the value of the bike as per the applicable Tax Rules, shall be borne by the winner and MPL shall bear no liability on the same.
  8. MPL shall only be liable to bear the ex-showroom price of the bike but MPL shall not bear any responsibility for paying any additional cost accrued in calculating the on road price of the bike. Any additional cost accrued thereof, shall solely be borne by the user. 
  9. The winning participants can neither assign or transfer their prizes under any circumstances whatsoever.