Build a Safe Community on MPL

MPL believes in creating an equal and safe platform for all its content creators and users. To know how you can contribute to building a safe community on MPL please read below – 

Do not create or engage in content depicting:

  • Nudity/ Sexual Gestures
  • Against safety of Minors
  • Violation of any intellectual property rights
  • Harmful/ dangerous/ violent actions
  • Related to harmful organisations/ individuals
  • Related to suicide, self harm & dangerous acts
  • Related to hate speech, slur or hateful ideology
  • Promoting harassment & bullying
  • Related to fraud/scam
  • Infringing any private information of a user
  • Related to drugs/ substance abuse/illegal activities & regulated goods
  • Violation of integrity & authenticity such as spamming, impersonation & disinformation campaigns
  • Actions that lead to platform security threat
  • Providing links violating the community guidelines

To know more about how MPL is working with content creators to provide a safe platform for creativity, read our terms & conditions here –