TKR Meet & greet!


Get Ready to meet TKR Players & WIN Exclusive TKR Jerseys along with Rs.10 Lakhs+ Cash Prizes 


Leaderboard Contest:

  • 6 Meet & Greet are up for grabs
  • Participate in leaderboard Contest on 30th August, 2020 
  • 1st Ranker in the following Contests will WIN the Meet & Greet prize, along with the CASH prize money:
    • Deals Rummy Contest
      • ​​​​​​​Deals Rummy Intermediate Contest (50, 100)
      • Deals Rummy Advanced Contest (500, 1000)
      • Deals Rummy Pro Contest (2500)
    • Pool Rummy Contest
      • ​​​​​​​Pool Rummy Advanced Contest (50, 100)
      • Pool Rummy Pro Contest (250, 500)
      • Pool Rummy Masters Contest (1000, 2500)

Lucky Draw:

  • ONE LUCKY Winner will be randomly selected via lucky draw to meet TKR Players
  • Play Rummy on 30th August to be eligible for the Lucky Draw 

TKR Jersey:

All players ranking in Top 3 will get TKR Jersey in all contests on 30th August, 2020


  • E- Meet on 3rd September, 2020. Our team will contact you for further details within 24 Hours of Contest end.
  • Lucky Draw winner will be announced along with others on 31st August, 2020 by 6PM