Poker Leaderboard : Win Rs 5 Lakhs Daily.

  • More the points you accumulate, higher the rank you will achieve in a leaderboard & higher the amount you will win.
  • You can accumulate points in the Leaderboard on every post flop hand played on the defined tables.
Leaderboard Table Big BlindPoint CalculationMax. point per hand
Novice2/5, 3/6Earn 1 points for every Rs 4 contributed50 points
Intermediate5/10, 10/20Earn 1 points for every Rs 10 contributed50 points
Advanced25/50, 50/100Earn 1 points for every Rs 50 contributed50 points
Pro100/200 , 200/400Earn 1 points for every Rs 200 contributed50 points
Ultra250/500, 500/1K, 1K/2KEarn 1 points for every Rs 500 contributed35 points

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Any User Found participating in multi-accounting(Playing with more than one account to artificially increase game count), Softplay( purposely losing/folding to friends to increase game count), Chip Dumping(transferring chips from one account to another) or Collusion(teaming up with another account to get an unfair advantage over other players) or any other unfair means to increase their leaderboard score may be disqualified from the leaderboard and may be permanently blocked from MPL Poker.