• A player's objective is to make the best combinations of cards in the form of sets or sequences. To win, one needs to declare first and then meld the cards in hand correctly as per the rules of the Rummy game.
  • Game is played with two decks of cards consisting of 52 Cards and 2 Face Jokers each.


  • A joker card can be used as a substitute to any card.
  • All cards with the same rank as the card below the closed deck are considered jokers.

A sequence consists of three or more cards of the same suit in order

  • PURE SEQUENCE: Sequence of cards which has no Jokers.
  • IMPURE SEQUENCE: Sequence of cards formed with Jokers.
  • FIRST LIFE: 1st pure sequence is called FIRST LIFE.
  • SECOND LIFE: 2nd Pure Sequence or 1st Impure Sequence is call SECOND LIFE.

NOTE: SECOND LIFE is not valid until you have a FIRST LIFE.

  • Sets are a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same rank but different suits
  • Sets can contain Jokers.

NOTE: Sets are not valid until you have both a FIRST LIFE and a SECOND LIFE

Tap on the cards you want to Group.

Tap on the Group button. Or, drag the cards of your choice and group them manually.

Tap on the cards you want to add to a group!

Tap on Add Here in the group you want to add! Or, drag the cards of your choice to the desired group.

Tap on the cards you wish to discard!

Tap on Discard button! Or, drag the card you want to discard to the discard frame in the center of the table.

  • The player's score is the total value of all the cards that are not a part of a valid sequence or a set.
  • The objective is to reduce your score to 0 by forming valid sequences and sets.

K, Q, J and A have a value of 10

The values of the rest of the cards are equal to their rank

REMEMBER: Lower score is always better

  • Make sure all your 13 cards are arranged in proper sequences and sets.
  • At least one Pure sequence is required for a valid declaration.
  • Select your unwanted card and select Declare instead of Discard.

Tap on Declare button! Or, drag the card you want to declare to the Declare frame in the center of the table.

  1. If players fail to pick up a card either from the open or closed deck before their turn timer runs out, the turn will switch to the next player.
  2. If players pick up a card, but fail to discard any before their turn timer runs out, the card they picked up is discarded automatically.
  3. Players may use the ‘Stand Up’ option in order temporarily take a break from playing as they will not be considered for future hands unit they choose to either sit at a seat on the existing table or switch to another table.
  1. Along with the Mobile Games developed by Third Party Game Developers, MPL provides 13-card rummy to its users (‘MPL Rummy’)
  2. TERMS for MPL Rummy
    1. MPL Rummy is a standard 13-card game of rummy offered to its users. The standard rules of the game apply to MPL Rummy.
    2. Users can participate in a Multiplayer Contest or Tournament with other Users without any restriction on participation, unless specified otherwise in the Rules or the Agreement.
    3. Collusion is strictly forbidden on MPL Rummy. In case we detect that You and other users are playing games and tournaments forming a team it will result in cancellation of accounts of You and all such players who participated in forming a team. By accepting this Term, you accept that You will not participate in forming a team, or by communicating with other players. In case You are found to be involved in such activities, We also reserve the right to freeze funds in Your MPL account and investigate further to ascertain the extent of undue benefit derived by You and such others and to cancel and close Your account without any communication with You.
    4. Should we at any time have reasonable ground to suspect that You have or are using fraudulent means which are in violation of the Terms of Use herein, that You have or are using multiple IDs which is in breach of the Terms of Use, We have the right to debar You, suspend Your account, prohibit Your access to the Website and withhold any prizes that You may have won, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the same.
    5. Apart from the Restricted States of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland and Telangana, MPL Rummy is currently not available to persons residing in the state of Kerala. We reserve the right to update the Restricted States for MPL Rummy as required by Applicable Law or court ruling.
    6. Users may kindly note that cumulative winnings from all the tables that the user has won will be considered for TDS deduction if the user opts to "Play More Games" without exiting their current Pool Rummy session.
  3. Game of Skill
    1. In providing the MPL Rummy game on the Platform, MPL takes great care to comply with all central and state legislations in India to ensure that the Users are fully protected. MPL Rummy is carefully designed to comply with all applicable statutes and regulations in India.
    2. MPL Rummy offered on the Platform is a ‘game of skill’. According to a 1967 Supreme Court judgment in State of Andhra Pradesh v. K. Satyanarayana, In the game of rummy is a game of mere skill and playing rummy does not amount to gambling.
    3. Over the past few decades, various High Courts have quoted the apex court’s decision and stated that law enforcement authorities cannot interfere with the game of rummy played with stakes. In 1996, a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court affirmed its 1967 judgment and ruled that games involving substantial and preponderant degree of skill fall within the definition of ‘games of mere skill’
    4. By virtue of its classification as a game of skill, the game of rummy does not violate the Public Gambling Act, 1867, and is excluded from the ambit of most state gaming legislations. However, Users should note that owing to legislative/court restrictions in the Restricted States and in the state of Kerala, hence residents of such Restricted States and residents of Kerala are prohibited from participating in MPL Rummy.