February Ticket Match of the day

MPL February Season ticket is back for the upcoming Fantasy Cricket Matches throughout the month of February.
Buy your ticket once and enjoy the benefits of playing for free in matches in all Dhamaka Contests in the month of February.

Note: The February Season Ticket will give 1 Free Entry on all the matches that are listed below
DateDayMatch NameTime
01 FebMondayT10 League 202122:00
02 FebTuesdayT10 League 202122:00
03 FebWednesdayBangladesh vs West Indies09:30
04 FebThursdayPakistan vs South Africa10:30
04 FebThursdayAussie T20 League13:45
05 FebFridayIndia vs England09:30
06 FebFridayAussie T20 League13:45
06 FebSaturdayT10 League 202121:30
07 FebSundayNew Zealand Womens T20 League08:00
08 FebMondayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
09 FebTuesdayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
10 FebWednesdayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
11 FebThursdayBangladesh vs West Indies09:30
12 FebFridayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
13 FebSaturdayIndia vs England09:30
14 FebSundayPakistan vs South Africa16:00
15 FebMondayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
16 FebTuesdayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
17 FebWednesdayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
18 FebThursdayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
19 FebFridayTo Be DecidedTo Be Decided
20 FebSaturdayPakistan League19:30
21 FebSundayPakistan League14:30
22 FebMondayNew Zealand vs Australia11:30
23 FebTuesdayPakistan League19:30
24 FebWednesdayIndia vs England14:00
25 FebThursdayNew Zealand vs Australia06:30
26 FebFridayPakistan League15:30
27 FebSaturdayPakistan League14:30
28 FebSundayPakistan League19:30


What is a Monthly Ticket? A monthly ticket will give you one free entry to all the monthly ticket contests (which would be named after the month) during that particular month. For example, February Season Ticket will give you one free entry to all ‘Dhamaka Contests’ during the month

How can I get a Monthly Ticket? It is available for sale in ‘Your Tickets’ in the Wallet section. You can also buy tickets from the MPL home screen or Fantasy banners (Fantasy home, Fantasy contest listing, and contest details)

In which matches can I use a Monthly Ticket? You can use the Monthly Ticket in all monthly ticket contests during the given month to register ONE team for free. Details about monthly ticket contests will be live once the sale is live. For example, February Season Ticket can be used in all ‘Dhamaka Contests’ during that month. You can check the details about the Dhamaka contest in the Fantasy home banner or Help section on the Ticket sale screen.

How do I use the Monthly ticket? Go to the monthly ticket contest in the matches eligible for a monthly ticket and apply the ticket to register one team for free. You can also find the matches where the Monthly Ticket can be applied by clicking on the tickets you have bought in Tickets home (inside Wallet section).

Can I buy multiple Monthly Tickets? You can buy only one Monthly Ticket for a given month.

Is the Monthly Ticket refundable? No, once you buy a Monthly Ticket, it is not refundable.

Can the Monthly Ticket be used twice in a single day? Yes, if there are two different Monthly Ticket specific contests in a day.

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is clarified that these tickets enable one free entry in the designated contest for the month, where a monthly ticket is applicable. Details about the contest(matches applicable, schedule, prize pool, etc.) are published in the Fantasy home banners and Help section in the Tickets sale screen.
  2. The winnings of the contests with monthly ticket enabled would vary depending on the proximity to the match, so it’s advisable to join these contests as soon as you’ve bought the ticket and not wait for the final hour. The earlier you join the higher winnings you’d be playing for
  3. Monthly ticket contests are activated immediately after a match is open, to facilitate all the buyers of the tickets so they can redeem their free entry instantly. It should also be noted that no new monthly ticket contest would open after Lineups are announced for the match and so we request all our ticket users to not wait for the last moment to redeem their free entry and join as soon as possible
  4. MPL holds the right to restrict the count of maximum teams allowed in the monthly ticket contests and this would be reflected on the contest card for the convenience of all users