Terms & Conditions for CPL

By taking part in the Event in the capacity of a Participant, I hereby consent, confirm and understand all terms appended below –

  1. That I am a major and have attained at least 18 years of age .
  2. That I do not belong to any Restricted State.
  3. That I am a bona fide and regular student studying in college at the time of registration.

That I as a Participant represent my college and that the college has no objection to my participation in the Event.

  1. That I understand and irrevocably consent to my participation in the Event.
  2. That I’ve read and understood  the general terms and conditions  available at http://about.mpl.live/and consent to the collection of my personal information and to the use of the same for the purposes of KYC and beyond irrevocably.
  3. That I understand that all information furnished by me is accurate and to the best of my knowledge.
  4. MPL shall be sharing such documents furnished by participants on the MPL platform to a third party to check the veracity of the identification proofs including without limitation college id cards, marksheets, fee receipts, library cards of college students which acknowledges and establishes that the participant is an active college student at the time of registration on the MPL platform and is capable to take part in esports and give a positive/negative response regarding the authenticity/verification of the document uploaded by the participant on the MPL platform.
  5. That I shall take part in all events of the Event with a bona fide intention and maintain the highest level of transparency and fairness as a Participant  and shall not indulge in improper activities including without limitation, any form of abuse, use of foul language, bribe, threats to other players, etc.
  6. That MPL reserves the right to disqualify my participation immediately, if at any point it is found that the information furnished by me including but not limited to my identity, age, KYC details, college identity card, etc is incorrect, expired, invalid or forged. 
  7. That I shall be responsible to bear the cost charged by the respective network operator or the internet service provider.
  8. That MPL shall not bear any responsibility for any disruption or inability of the participant to finish the game as a result of poor internet connectivity or disconnection or to reimburse any such cost incurred by the Participant on account of such participation in the Event.
  9. Any dispute between the operator or service provider shall be settled directly between the Participant and the service provider/operator.That MPL shall have every right to immediately disqualify me for adopting any kind of unfair means either during the course of the Event or prior to or after the Event.